Hire East Valley Santa Claus or East Valley Mrs. Claus to visit your house or Christmas party

1.  Make sure your batteries are fully charged and that you have all the film, video – tape, digital media, etc. to take all the photos you want or need.

2. Have your gifts ready! If Santa is to make his entrance with gifts, they should be labeled, easy to read, and fit into a 35 gallon garbage bag. Don't use tags, as they fall off. Use a marker to write the names large and legible on the gifts. Prior arrangements should be made before the visit to get the gifts to Santa. Timing is everything, as Santa will be with you for a limited amount of time. Santa will call the designated coordinator just before his arrival. That’s your cue to get everyone together, maybe sing a Christmas song or two.

3.  Reserve a special parking place for Santa. It should be as close as possible to where he is appearing. And remember, Santa is a senior citizen. If he parks down the street or around the corner and has to walk all the way to your home, or office, he might be a bit winded or exhausted when he gets there. Also remember, he’s wearing a heavy suit that gets very hot, (even in December). A fan close to where he will be sitting would be greatly appreciated.

4.  If your event is at a home, leave an opening at the end of your driveway. Just put up a temporary barrier in the space. Use a gift wrapped box, a chair, or a sawhorse to hold the spot. Have some fun and put a sign out "Reserved for Santa!"

5.  If your event is at a company facility, office building, or hotel, try to make arrangements for Santa to park in a valet or loading area. Again, you can mark the area with a fun sign. This makes it easier for him to be fresh and ready to bring joy to your guests.

6.  Folding chairs and low chairs do not work well for Santa, as Santa is a large man. A good straight back dining room chair works best. Stage some great photos by placing Santa's chair near your Christmas tree or other holiday setting. Your photos will have more impact if the background has a festive look. Think about photos with everyone, old and young alike. Santa can stand up for a “buddy” photo with teens and adults if they are too “shy” to sit with Santa.

7.  If there is a balance or payment due to Santa, please place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. It is never appropriate to hand cash to Santa. So, as Santa is departing, hand him the envelope and say, “Thank you, Santa, here is a Christmas card from all of us to you.”

This is how lasting memories of your family and friends are made and captured forever. So let us bring some magic and fun to your Yuletide event so you may get to keep the treasured memories of your Santa visit forever!

Can you imagine the look on their little faces when the real Santa walks in the door? East Valley Santa specializes in bringing the magical Santa Experience to single family home visits and multi-family Christmas gatherings. Santa and Mrs. Claus will delight your family sharing traditional stories and some Christmas Magic.  Your children and family will have a lifetime memory of this personal Santa experience as planned by you with Santa.

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